Will You Make The Move?

People have theorized that living close to the sea can benefit one’s health, but currently there is not much data to back this theory up. Here are five proven reason why you should move to the beach, not only to live in that coastal d├ęcor beach house you always wanted to move into, however by moving to the beach, could also benefit your health.

People have theorized that living close to the sea is beneficial for your health, and now there is data to back up that theory. According to a study conducted by the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Exeter in England, people who live near the sea are healthier than those who live inland. The report analyzed data from England’s 2001 census, comprising 48 million people. Taking into consideration age, sex, and socio-economic status, the results suggested that those who dwelt in the coast were in finer fettle than their non-coastal counterparts.

The study concluded that there was an association between going to the shore and total wellness an improvement of the beach move, but the direct researchers said that this sort of study couldn’t establish a direct cause and effect. But, previous scientific studies have concentrates on what exactly it is around the ocean that arouses well being. In any event, this seems like the perfect excuse to move to the shore that we have all been looking for.

Here are some reasons that beachfront living enhances health:

  1. The Relax Factor

Do you know that feeling of comfort that overcomes your body when dig your feet in the sand? It is not in your head. The ocean has been shown to inspire creative thinking, decrease stress, and encourage compassionate thinking. Living at the beach also means you get to live in your dream beach house, filled with your favourite coastal interior design to make your home really feel like a holiday house for relaxation!

  1. An Active Lifestyle

Living by the shore encourages physical activity, finally resulting in a healthier lifestyle, the Exeter study indicated. Why are people more active in the shore? The coastal beaches and paths promote outdoor activity, Dr. Michael White, the direct research on the Exeter study stated.

  1. Breathing Fresh, Salt Air

There is not any better smell than fresh sea air, but begin taking deeper breaths at the beach since it is great for you, too. The salty sea air from the shore does wonders for the respiratory system and for those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, sinus pressure, and coughing will see a difference in their condition after only 1 day at the shore. The ocean air truly is the best medicine!

  1. Extra Vitamin D

The reflection of sunlight from the sand and the sea is a superb way to receive your daily dose of vitamin D. provided that you are smothered in SPF sunscreen, getting some sunshine everyday is good for your well being. Vitamin D from sunlight enhances pancreatic protection, increases endorphins, reduces the risk of cancer, and enhances bone health. According to research performed by the King’s College London’s Institute of Dermatology, skin absorbs vitamin D in sunlight even with sunscreen – so pile it on and get outdoors!

  1. Swimming in Salt Water

There is no greater healer than salt water. Swimming in the sea enhances the immune system, hydrates skin, and boosts circulation. Seawater that is rich in magnesium also continues to be demonstrated to relax muscles and helps induce sleep. And as swimming in one of the best forms of exercise, you are better off paddling round the ocean than at the pool.