Bubble bath

Benefits of a bubble bath

If you weren’t aware, it is time that you scheduled in some rest to relax and rejuvenate yourself with a nice bubble bath. Bubble baths have the power to de-stress and send you back to your childhood when you would make a Santa Clause beard with all the bubbles in the tub.
Bubble baths are not just for kids. Did you know warm bubble baths are quite beneficial for your mental and physical state and your overall health?

How can a bubble bath help to relieve stress?

Warm bubble baths help you to sleep better

You cannot sleep well and get into the realm of a deep sleep when you are stressed. A warm bath before you turn out the light is very beneficial and can help to induce sleep. Our body temperature drops at night, which tells our brains to produce the sleeping hormone melatonin. When you soak in a warm bath, it will raise your body temperature, once you exit it will cool the body down rapidly. From there, the melatonin is produced once your body is relaxed and not stressed out so your body and mind can prepare themselves for sleep. A warm bubble bath with the right magnesium bath salts used can help with all the tired muscles and fatigue you have gained from a busy work schedule.

Kid taking a bath

A warm bubble bath will relieve your muscle pains

Nothing brings on stress ore when you are suffering from aches and pains. Heat is good for getting the blood flowing back around your body. Relaxing in a bath will make your tired muscles settle. If you suffer inflammation of your joints, consider adding Epsom salts to your bath water which have positive effects on putting your body into a relaxing state.

Bubble bathing essentials:

  • Bath salts added to a bubble bath aid at healing most skin conditions
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils is a great way to calm the mind and de-stress. Add lavender or chamomile essentials oils to a warm bubble bath and let your troubles melt away
  • Herbal baths can help soothe tense muscles which is a common problem that stress can cause. You can either buy herbal bath packs ready to go, or you can make your own with natural ingredients.
    Milk thistle and Rosemary can help your body detox while chamomile and lavender work well to relax both body and mind. Pour the herbs into a pouch and let it soak in the bathtub with you and feel the stress disappear.
  • When you are stressed, your body accumulates toxins as it doesn’t work to its full potential. Consider taking a mud bath to detox the body of the toxins caused by stress.
    You can purchase mud bath mixes or red clay at most health food stores. Lather yourself up in the clay or mud and soak in it for about thirty minutes.
  • Dead sea salt is a great product to add to your bath water for relaxation and to detox from the stress.

When it comes to using mud and sea salts, you want to be going for an organic mix. These types are more suited for therapeutic purposes with added vitamins and minerals the body needs to de-stress and to repair from the effects of everyday stress. This additionally helps with pain relief for your overworked sore muscles.

You may need to experiment with different mixes first to see what works for you. If you have sensitive skin consult your doctor before using any products listed above. Do your research and don’t be afraid to try new ingredients in your bubble baths to help eliminate the stress from your life. Breathe deeply and happy bathing.