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How To Reduce The Appearance Of Fine Lines

A face can tell a thousand stories for every line that appears on the forehead, and creases around our smile and ‘crow’s feet’ appear. If we look at it from this perspective, fine lines seem like a positive thing to have. Unfortunately taking this view means giving up on enhancing the skin’s potential for suppleness and reducing fine lines. 

Negligence in our skincare regime, particularly our facial skin care, is on us. We may be guilty of being too harsh or too lazy in removing makeup from our face when we were younger. These small habits contribute to damaged facial skin. Simple procedures like dermal fillers can do wonders for our face, and for our confidence. Before it’s too late check out these ways on how you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, whether temporarily or for the long haul.

  1. Reduce stress – Take a vacation and time away from work, spend some mobile-free time when eating, and be with your real friends rather than the virtual ones. Loss of elasticity leads to your skin being susceptible to gravity that is the main cause of the eye bags, drooping brow skin, and crow’s feet. Fine lines are premature wrinkles which are a full-blown proof of ageing skin. If your eye area is looking seriously tired then it may be time to consider more drastic measures such as eyelid surgery to improve droopy eyelids.
  1. Avoid excessive sun exposure – Don’t hesitate in investing in good sunglasses that give your eye area full coverage. Besides the harmful UV rays damaging your skin, squinting against the sun rays adds up to the lines forming. That’s why laugh lines become prominent because of the continuous contraction of the facial muscle. Hold a squinting pose in the mirror. Do you see those lines? Expect those lines to form in time if you continue to strut in the sun without the aid of shades. Wearing sunglasses may be just a little additional to your things-to-do but its protection that can go a long way to improving the appearance of fine lines.
  1. Consume proper nutrition – Involving your diet in improving your  good skin regime is a long term approach. Adding more fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants will relieve your body of harmful toxins and protect it against free radicals. For example – berries, apples, artichokes, salmon, and both black and red beans. 
  1. Stay hydrated – Don’t neglect your duty of replenishing your body with water. The  adult body is composed of 40% water and most bodily functions involve the element of water. Dry skin is a reflection of dehydrated skin and contributes to aging. Some foods have great water content too that can aid with this option. For example – watermelon, cucumber, mountain dew, strawberries
  1. Stop smoking – Smoking speeds up the skin’s normal ageing process because of the carbon monoxide it contains. What it does is displace the oxygen in a person’s skin. Nicotine is the addictive content in tobacco and it reduces blood flow, leaving your skin dry and with some discolourations. Chronic effects from smoking are Vitamin C depletion which is necessary for protecting and repairing the skin of extensive damage. If you stop smoking, it can reverse these awful effects on the skin long-term.
  1. Have enough rest – Not having enough sleep or downtime adds up to the formation of facial lines. While not getting enough sleep negatively affects the whole body and mind, moisture levels in your skin, specifically, decreases. This results in lower pH levels which make the skin look less supple. Its youthful glow diminishes too. Sleep can reverse these effects. Skin repairs itself while we sleep. If we miss out on adequate sleep then our skin doesn’t get to repair itself fully. In general, lack of sleep hinders wound healing, contributory to skin inflammation, and may even lead to skin breakouts and acne.
  1. Be gentle in dealing with your facial skin – This is not applicable only when removing your makeup, but equally when applying it. Adopt an upward stroke when applying your makeup with a brush. Use the pads of the ring finger in applying final touches as this has the softest feel. Don’t retract your lids too much when applying eyeliner. Most of all, use the right products. From the facial wash you use daily, to the decision of using a primer or not, and sleeping with makeup on, these all contribute to your skin’s health.

Overall, you should consider your age, gender, and type of skin to know how best to take care of it, and which products should be used. Bad habits take their toll on our bodies and skin is of no exemption. But all of the ways in reducing the appearance of fine lines above, all of them are doable. Take action now before it’s too late.