Best Sports for Overall Fitness

Competition motivates everyone to excel and outperform our peers, especially when it comes to sports. Since not all sports are created equal we have found the top 10 healthiest sports that provide a low risk for causing serious injury and a high payoff in physical and mental health benefits.

Using different resources such as the internet, library, industry literature and Samir Becic’s knowledge as one of the leading health and fitness experts in the U.S., we were able to narrow down the 10 healthiest sports based on studies and research.

Here are the Top 10 sports that can improve overall fitness and capacity:


Swimming is not only a complete physical workout; it is also an awesome sport for your heart and a low-stress activity. It keeps you at a healthy body weight since it burns lots of calories, improves lung capacity, and builds muscular strength and endurance. On top of that, swimming is the perfect year-round sporting activity since it can be done at an indoor pool, outdoor pool, or beach.


This is one of the best aerobic exercises on par with jogging and cycling. You can burn up to 600 calories while playing one hour of tennis. All the little but fast movements like sprints, pivots, slams, makes you exert energy in short but powerful bursts. Tennis increase arm strength, coordination, and cardiovascular health.


Research shows that the rowing has numerous health benefits including effective weight loss, a low risk of injury, and increased muscle strength. Though originally an outdoor activity, Rowing can be done and enjoyed indoors on a rowing machine.


Wrestling is a great sport to develop physical fitness skills as well as useful self-defence mechanisms. Womens wrestling training has increased in popularity due to its practical benefits and anyone can participate in freestyle wrestling for fun and fitness. The amazing stunts and movements in wrestling improve joint and body mobility, aid weight loss and contribute to overall fitness and coordination.


Squash has been labelled as the #1 healthiest sport in the world many years in a row by Forbes. Not only does it burns calories, increases aerobic fitness, boosts flexibility, develops strength and power, it also improves hand-eye coordination. It also improves social skills and interaction when played on a team or as doubles.


Though playing basketball may take a lot of your energy, it is very beneficial since it builds endurance and improves balance and coordination. Research shows that it increases spatial awareness, develops concentration and self-discipline, builds bone strength, great for cardiovascular health, and builds up confidence. It also fosters great teamwork and sportsmanship skills when played competitively.


Every year, cycling events and races take place in May and June, the typical season for cycling. You don’t need to compete in order to enjoy cycling. Cycling classes are fun and available everywhere, you can cycle outdoors with a group or take indoor spin classes at your local gym. Not only does cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, boosts muscle strength and flexibility, it also makes you happier and makes your brain stronger.

Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing in the Nordic mountains has been known as a great physical activity since it burns more calories than any other form of exercise or sport. Athletes burn up to 1,122 calories per hour of vigorous mountaineering! Cross-country skiing is a proven full-body workout which is uniquely effective. Studies suggest that skiers are about 40 percent fitter than physically fit individuals.


Age is not a limitation for this physical activity, anyone can take it up. It’s not only fun but also very beneficial. Regular runners have a lower risk for bone and muscle loss as they age compared to those who do not run regularly or at all. The physical demands of the sport make bones grow and become stronger. It is also great for mental and overall physiological health. Endorphins are released when running which the famed “runner’s high.”


Volleyball got included on the list for the healthiest sports because of its many benefits. This includes increased metabolic rate, improved agility, enhances coordination, and boosts mood and it is also very effective in burning calories.


This sport requires the athletes to be in a good physical condition. With all the stunts to be performed, this sport can improve overall fitness, strength, balance and body control. A gymnast must utilise all his mental and physical facilities in order to win the competition. Gymnastics does not only offer physical gains; it is beneficial for improving concentration and mental focus. It also provides children a range of physical, mental, emotional and social benefits.

It doesn’t matter what sport you want to participate in as long as you enjoy it while reaping its health benefits and supporting this by consuming plenty of balanced meals such as buying daily prepared take home meals to enjoy.