Plastic Surgery Benefits


Many individuals consider the concept of getting plastic surgery in a bid to boost their physical appearance. Throughout the decision making process, the positive health benefits available typically take a back seat to simply “looking better”.   



The typical aim of plastic surgery is to enhance physical appearance and as a result patients wind up feeling much better about how they look. The natural consequence of this is a gain in self-esteem which frequently influences additional positive feelings and actions. It might be argued that anyone that relies that intensely on their own looks because of their self-esteem has issues that plastic surgery can’t mend, and in most case that is true. An excellent plastic surgeon will think about the psychological and psychological state of their patients in addition to the bodily and make conclusions based on the entire picture. 



Girls with excessively large breasts and a body frame which has difficulty supporting them nearly always have an instant relief of pain they’d long ago given up on. When speaking with those girls, it is always interesting to be aware that they’d accepted the pain and distress for such a long time, when it left they could barely describe how good they felt. This is one example where plastic surgery might even be covered by insurance as a result of debilitating health effects. Should you fall in to this class, there’s a plethora of advice from ones that have had the procedure and have reaped the rewards. Read their testimonials, speak with them if you are able to speak and also with your insurer and your plastic surgeon to completely understand your choices. 



Patients with a deviated septum may have this fixed with a Rhinoplasty. Deviated Septums frequently lead to difficulty in breathing and typically an immediate outcome of this is excessive snoring. Once adjusted, the individual and the individual’s spouse will undergo a much better night’s sleep. It must be noted that a good deal of health issues can be directly correlated to not sleeping well, therefore allowing the individual to sleep better is, in itself, a catalyst to fixing additional health conditions that are caused or affected by not sleeping well. 



A Blepheroplasty, or eyelid surgery, will fix droopy eyelids, thus immediately improving the eyesight. Furthermore, dry-eye issues may also be adjusted during a Blepheroplasty. Combining the favourable effects of repairing droopy eyelids and rectifying dry-eye issues improves the eyesight of the patient. Many patients report instant relief from long time debilitating consequences of droopy eyelids and dry eyes. Blepheroplasty is a great option to fight this and frequently leads to patients being happier with their appearance in addition to their recently improved eyesight. 



Removing fat from the body is going to result in improved blood pressure and lower cholesterol – equally essential elements in heart ailments. The total amount of fat removed during liposuction and/or a breast reduction is relatively modest but it does help. If the individual is overweight then other methods for weight reduction should definitely be considered first and then liposuction and other surgical procedures can be considered after. Irrespective of the methods chosen, the idea of eliminating the fat cells in the body is going to have a positive influence on your blood pressure and cholesterol readings – both a massive advantage for anyone and everybody. 


Summer Heat Fatal for Building Workers

With summertime just days away, the Center for Construction Research and Training – also called CPWR – has issued a hazard alert about heating dangers and precautions employees can take to prevent heat-related illnesses on a slab crane. Data from CPWR reveals that 17 construction workers died in 2015 as a result of heat-related conditions.

Recognizing the symptoms of heat exhaustion (weakness and moist skin; aggravation, dizziness and fainting; nausea or vomiting) and heat stroke (confusion or tingling; dry, hot skin and perspiration stops; and convulsions or seizures) one of co-workers is vital, the alert conditions.

CPWR offers these tips for working in hot weather:

  • Dress for hot conditions. Wear clothing that are light, loose-fitting and lightweight.
  • Drink water about every 15 minutes. Do not wait until you’re thirsty to drink.
  • Don’t consume alcohol and avoid caffeine.
  • Take regular breaks. Find shaded, cooled or air-conditioned places.

The danger for heat-related illnesses is growing for employees unaccustomed to higher temperatures working with the largest cranes or drake low loaders, people working in hot and humid weather, and people who perform heavy physical labour, based on CPWR.

The hazard alert also has tips for companies, including having a crisis plan and providing training on heat-related ailments.

What is a heat-related illness?

During a heat wave, it is important to understand and be able to recognize the symptoms and signs of a heat-related illness. There are various sorts of heat-related ailments, ranging from the ones that cause temporary discomfort to the generally deadly disease called heat stroke. In most heat-related illnesses, the symptoms arise when a man is subjected to extreme temperatures.

What are the symptoms and indications of heat-related illness?

The following checklist can help you recognize the signs of heat-related disorders:

Heat Rash: Heat rash is a skin irritation caused by excessive perspiration during warm, humid weather. It can happen at any age but is most common in young children. Heat rash looks like a red cluster of pimples or little blisters.

Heat cramps: someone that has been exercising or engaging in different kinds of strenuous activity from the warmth may develop painful muscle spasms from the arms, legs, or stomach known as heat cramps. The body temperature is usually normal, and the skin will feel cool and moist, but sweaty.

Heat syncope: Someone who experiences heat syncope (fainting) will have the sudden onset of dizziness or fainting after exposure to elevated temperatures, especially after exercising or working from a blueprint of second storey extension designs and ideas in the heat. Like heat cramps, the skin is pale and sweaty but stays cool. The heartbeat may be diminished, and the heart rate is usually rapid. Body temperature is normal.

Heat exhaustion: Heat exhaustion is a warning that the body is getting too hot. Those most prone to heat fatigue include older people, individuals with high blood pressure, and people working or exercising in a hot environment. Someone with heat exhaustion may be thirsty, giddy, weak, uncoordinated, nauseous, and perspiration profusely. Just like heat syncope and heat cramps, the body temperature is usually normal in heat exhaustion. The heart rate (pulse rate) is elevated or normal. The skin is generally chilly and clammy.

Heat stroke: Heating stroke is a serious, life-threatening illness that occurs when the body loses its ability to control its temperature. Victims of heat stroke almost always perish, so immediate medical care is essential when problems first start. In warmth stroke, someone develops a fever that quickly increases to dangerous levels within minutes. A person with heat stroke usually has a body temperature above 104 F (40 C), but the temperature may rise even higher for those outside for prolonged periods like home extension builders. Other symptoms and signs of heat stroke may include confusion, bizarre behavior, strong rapid pulse, feeling bloated, combativeness, dry flushed skin, staggering, and absence of perspiration. Delirium or coma may also result from heat stroke.

Seek emergency medical attention and always contact a GP or doctor if the symptoms of those conditions are severe or worsen with time, even if heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat syncope may all be present in moderate degrees.

Would You Like To See More Everyday Guys Modelling?

I really like the idea of more of the everyday guy modelling plus size clothing while wearing boots from shoes online in the spotlight, as opposed to the stereotypical photo-shopped model you see in the media. I hope you enjoy this article of a ‘plus-size’ everyday guy who is pushing for the idea of the word plus size to change people’s perception. Enjoy!


Do men want to see more ‘average-looking’ blokes showcasing their clothes?

Zach Miko is 6ft 6in, has a 40in waist, and is the first plus-size male model signed to a major agency, IMG, which looks after models including Lara Stone, Freja Beha and Gigi Hadid. Zach’s portfolio includes American retail giant Target and his future prospects includes the UK’s largest plus-size fashion store Your. The signing of the 26 year old, highlights how the ‘plus size’ male modelling industry is changing.

Despite the demand, there are currently no plus-size male models on the books of a major agency in the UK. Three agencies that focus on plus-size male models exist in Germany but their influence rarely extends beyond German borders (Miko is from Connecticut). In menswear, plus-size refers to XL and up (higher than a 42in chest), but can stretch to anyone very tall and well built. For perspective, 32 inch waist male models are typically used by The Guardian

Coined “brawn” by IMG (and the brother of “curve”, its female division), it marks an attempt to remove the “plus-size” moniker and, the agency hopes, presents a more realistic male body shape wearing everyday guys clothing, and not just the women’s division targeted at womens shoes and clothing.


You’ve been signed to IMG as its first plus-size or “brawn” male model. Congratulations. So far, you’ve only modelled for Target and yet your profile has blown up overnight. Why do you think that is?

There are very few plus-sized male models in the US. I think it made a splash because Target is a big retailer. But they just put me in the shoot with classically sized male models, so all the fashion blogs were like: did Target sneak a plus size guy into their site? But, yes, it has been quick. The first published sales copywriting came out in July, the first article came out in September and here we are.


Do you think people would have noticed sooner had it been a plus-size female model in the shoot?

If it was a women’s site showing off womens ankle boots, and there had been a non-model in the lineup, yeah, sure.


Why? Do you think people are less interested or aware of plus-size male models, or the lack thereof?

It’s still a very new thing. There is still no definition for it. This whole idea of “brawn” is loosely based on me.


There have been several campaigns to change the way we talk about plus-size models, in a bid to change the way we view “larger” models, including #droptheplus. Is being called a brawn model an acknowledgement of that?

I don’t find “plus size” offensive, but I think it’s the same as fat in that plus size has grown to have a negative connotation. Plus means additional, outside; it keeps pushing that label of not being “normal”. If you see the word “brawn”, you think about physical strength and power, just as “curve” suggests sexy and confident, as opposed to “big”.


Why do you think plus-size male models have yet to move into the mainstream industry?

There has been a lot of support in women’s modelling – models such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have been making huge waves. Seeing someone like Graham, who would normally be shunned, was awesome. I always had my own body-image struggle. With men, there is still a lot of bravado and false masculinity to get through.


What do you mean?

You’re not supposed to care about how you look. If you have issues, you aren’t supposed to talk about it. It’s considered weak or unmasculine. Which is stupid. It’s about having feelings that make you human. I think, even now with the progression, you still have that 1950s male mentality of men being strong and emotionless.


Do you think your presence in the male modelling world will help things?

If the plus sized digital content strategy makes men realise that it’s OK to care about how you look, or even feel bad about it and want to change … I have had body issues all my life and that can make you insecure. You project those feelings onto others and that can damage relationships. It creates this vicious cycle. It could all be avoided if you opened up and said I do or don’t feel good about myself.


Is it about how you see yourself or how others see you?

I was between diets and trying to change the way I look for so long going to the physio. As an actor [Miko is a member of the T Schreiber Studio and has appeared in Limitless], I was told by every casting director that I was too big. But I think I was trying to make other people more comfortable. I have always been a big guy, I was picked on as a kid, and that’s where it came from. We live in a society where “big” and “fat” have become insults, and “skinny”, “little” and “petite” have become compliments. We have come to correlate a negative meaning with “big” and “fat”.


You aren’t exactly big, either.

Yeah. And I think men want to see a normal-looking guy modelling their clothes and even shoes online brands that appeal to the everyday guy.


But then there are issues related to being overweight or “fat” in a health sense.

I am a big advocate of health. I just don’t think you have to be a twig tobe healthy. Other people don’t have a right to project an idea of unhealthy on to you if you have this extra weight. I think labelling people who wear plus size clothes as unhealthy is unfair. You don’t know what their health is. People think I’m a slob and that I don’t take care of myself. But I do. For starters, I cycle every day. But you do start to internalise that feeling.

Unexpected Health Advantages of Wood

Believe it or not, that timber table is doing more good than you thought. Picking furniture for your home is often a matter of taste, instead of a mindful effort for your health. In fact, the health advantages of specific furniture might never enter your mind when choosing a coffee table, lounge or kitchen bench top. That may just change, thanks to a brand-new report which associates our choice of furniture to our wellbeing.

The report, launched today by Planet Ark Environmental Foundation has actually discovered there is one naturally-derived product which can really benefit your health – wood. “We know that employees are less stressed out and more efficient, students learn much better, patients recover quicker, and individuals are usually better and calmer in indoor locations which include wood aspects,” states Planet Ark’s David Rowlinson.

The report, which was released to accompany World Wood Day, intends to press the focus onto natural products when selecting furniture for your house, using research to support its claims of health gain from wood. The research study recognizes that lumber has the capability to lower one’s heart rate and reduce the tension reaction in students and employees. It also assists in speeding healing time after surgical treatment.

Plus, lumber has another benefit – when sourced properly, it’s extremely eco-friendly. “Properly sourced, accredited wood is the significant building product that helps take on climate change. Wood is eco-friendly, it takes in carbon from the environment, and there are less carbon emissions connected with its production compared with carbon-intensive products such as concrete or steel,” Rowlinson states.

There is the ecological sustainability of crafted lumber, mostly from wood’s capability to keep carbon, but most importantly, the brand-new research study is around resident health and behaviour to validate its use of lumber in structure environments like schools and online tutoring centres or tutor services.

Another research study performed by the Human Research Institut in Austria exposes the many substantial advantages of wood structures from the engineered timber walls to architectural trusses for school students. The research study was based upon 4 classrooms featuring wood construction, with psychophysiological measurements performed on 52 students from lumber classrooms and basic classrooms throughout an academic year.

Substantial distinctions were observed in the health criteria of students from the wood and basic class. Students in the wood classrooms displayed reduced heart beats, exposing decreased school-related tension levels. This research study mirrors a report commissioned by Planet Ark in 2014 which discovered that direct exposure to wood items and interiors might produce comparable health advantages to those developed by hanging around in nature.

Released in the lead up to World Wood Day on Saturday March 21, the ‘Wood – Real estate, Health, Humankind’ report checked out many research studies evaluating the health and wellbeing advantages of wood interiors in houses, companies, and locations of learning and recovery.

BVN will hire numerous new age crafted wood items from around the globe for its approaching change and addition of a 1970s concrete structure in NSW. The group will recondition and extend an old Telstra training centre structure at North Strathfield in Sydney, which has ended up being the brand-new house for the Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School.

The task is the 2nd phase in the overall redevelopment of the structure, the very first being the fitout of the ground floor which opened in April 2015 for students in kindergarten to year 2 and their English and math tutors. The 2nd phase of the job is much bigger and concerns all the structure’s levels and its external skin. Upon conclusion, the structure will be the home of 450 primary school students and it has been allocated as a design template for the future of central city school styles.

However while renders of the completed school stand out, and its claim to be an environmentally-friendly design for adaptive reuse in the context of our growing cities is sound, it is the structure’s composition and interior surfaces that are presently making headings. The structure has been called the very first Australian school of the timber age and will be fit with a brand-new glulam and glue laminated site frame, cross laminated lumber (CLT) walls and a distinct CLT slab/acoustic ceiling system.

All signs from BVN are that it will aim for Europe to be the source of the lumber which, consisting of the shipping of products, is anticipated to considerably decrease total construct time for the task.

Time To Sip up! Health benefits of wine

It’s the completion of the year and the days are warmer and longer and there’s no scarcity of vacation celebrations, birthdays, and other celebrations. What do these things have in common? They’re all events to burst out a great bottle of yarra valley wine to share with friends and family. We understand that in big amounts, wine and other types of alcohol can cause a series of health impacts, hangovers in the short term and liver and pancreas damage in the long term. Nevertheless, the sweet spot depends on little to moderate quantities of wine.

At this level, of 1-2 glasses of wine a night, wine can have remarkable effects such as minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease, in accordance with a research study from the Harvard School of Public Health. They discovered that this decreased danger is kept after representing differences in diet plan, physical activity and weight. Those who consumed less than one beverage every 2-3 days did not benefit from the exact same decreased danger of cardiovascular disease and those that consumed more than 3 drinks a day had actually increased high blood pressure. So, even when it pertains to wine, slow and stable wins the race.

Research from the Record of Internal Medication informs us that, even in diabetics, 1-2 glasses of wine can increase HDL levels, , the excellent cholesterol, and can have a favorable effect on their blood glucose control However, the increased in great cholesterol was just seen in drinkers of red wine and not white. Compared to white wine, the red wine group in fact reduced the aspects that result in metabolic syndrome, a cluster of illness brought on by weight problems, hypertension, high glucose and cholesterol. In addition to improving the conditions related to diabetes, wine can even reduce your risk of diabetes states the American Diabetes Association. While any wine is much better than no wine, it seems that a glass of red wine at supper is the most beneficial.

If you’re thinking about switching out that wine for something harder, think again. A short article released in the American Journal of Gastroenterology reveals that people who consumed about a glass of wine a week had a lower danger of colon cancer than those who consumed beer or other liquor. Take in more than a beverage a week and your danger of colon cancer increases considerably. It is believed that resveratrol, a compound found in wine, is connected with many of its positive health effects. Inning accordance with the National Institute on Aging, resveratrol and wine is also associated with a lower occurrence of Alzheimer’s and other age associated diseases.

There is no scarcity of places to get your wine in Australia, particularly in the surrounding suburban areas of Melbourne, such as along the peninsula or in the yarra valley wineries

How Safe Is Your Fitness Tracker? Hackers Steal Data from Fitness Tracking Devices to Sell To Companies

The new report was released by researchers at American University and the Center for Digital Democracy in Washington. This issue is concerning for those who use fitness trackers to monitor their performance during their personal fitness training regime

‘ A few of the very features that make mobile and wearable devices so promising also raise severe issues,’ report authors Kathryn Montgomery, Jeff Chester, and Katharina Kopp have actually stated.

‘ Because of their capability to collect and use big quantities of individual data– and, in particular, sensitive health data– this new age of digital tools brings with it a host of personal privacy, security, and other threats.


‘ As making use of trackers, wise watches, Internet-connected clothing, and other wearables ends up being more widespread, and as their performances end up being much more sophisticated, the extent and nature of data collection will be unmatched.

‘ These data can, in turn, be combined with individual information from other sources– including health-care companies and drug companies– raising such potential harms as prejudiced profiling, manipulative marketing, and information breaches.’

The report likewise warned of the danger of data falling into the hands of hackers and other unethical individuals.


In accordance with the Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights in Washington DC records that there were 253 health-care breaches throughout the United States in 2015 that affected 500 individuals or more, leading to a combined loss of over 112 million records.

‘ The chances for data breaches will increase, with hackers accessing medical and health info at insurance companies, retail chains, and other services,’ the report included.

‘ Even those organizations with the most kindhearted of goals– such as public-health departments, police, and research entities– can misuse and misuse health data.


‘The threats extend beyond hazards to specific privacy. Algorithmic category systems might allow profiling and discrimination– based on ethnic background, age, gender, medical condition, and other details– across a spectrum of fields, such as employment, education, insurance, finance, criminal justice, and social services, impacting not only people however also groups and society at large.

‘ Many of the damages related to the collection and processing of such data, moreover, are likely to affect disproportionately the most susceptible people in our society, consisting of the sickest, the poorest, and those with the least education.’

Companies specialising in fitness training wearables have acted fast to assure clients that their information is safe.

A Jawbone representative said: ‘At Jawbone, we completely appreciate the personal privacy of our users and Jawbone sticks to the best industry requirements when it concerns securing information and individual info. We only share user data if the user asks us to – for example to integrate with a 3rd party app.

‘We are custodians of the user’s data. We gather it, examine it, and present it back to the user with meaning. The user may provide us consent to share that information. They can download their data and take it somewhere else. And they can ask us to delete it (which we will do).

‘We also assist in users to request removal of their information from any third party apps that may be linked to UP by Jawbone.

Software Application is Mobilising the NHS

Development in health care conserves lives. Every day, across the NHS, clinical personnel are providing higher standards of care through using technology that was inconceivable a couple of short years earlier.

There is a public understanding that the NHS is locked in a time warp, beholden to a method of doing things that has not altered in a generation. But the truth is that the NHS has actually made huge progress in the development towards a contemporary, digital health service.

My business, Nervecentre Software, is one of a variety of innovative technology companies working with health centre trusts to develop new systems that are transforming the way our physicians and nurses work through agile automated testing

The mobile service not only supplies a method to record details electronically at the bedside, but assists in the coordination of care, making sure the ideal physician is with the ideal client at the correct time, with the most up-to-date info to hand. Basic as it sounds, this can make all the difference to a client who is acutely ill.

Bringing innovative innovation to front-line clinicians has actually of course been made possible by the surge of mobile phones and thanks to software application providers such as Nervecentre, the NHS has become the world leader in the adoption of mobile technology in hospitals.

To the layman, the performance benefit of enhancing communications within the medical facility is obvious, however the impact this can have on conserving lives and avoiding preventable damage is crucial. It is estimated that more than 80 per cent of avoidable damage in a health center has bad interaction as a factor. It has actually been very rewarding over the last 5 years to see hospitals embrace 21st-century innovation that can have such a considerable influence on the level of care, by assisting clinicians to communicate and coordinate much better.

In a research study at the Queen Alexandra Healthcare facility in Portsmouth, this change cut in half the variety of cases of significant, avoidable damage throughout the night-time through using mobile software to manage nurses’ and clinicians’ work.

Nervecentre innovation supported by its managed testing services has remained in usage across a variety of significant hospitals, from professional medical facilities such as Fantastic Ormond Street Health center for Children, to big intense hospitals including University Hospitals of Leicester, and up and down the nation from Cornwall to Durham. Throughout these varied health centres there is clear proof now that it is conserving lives, while assisting health center trusts make good development towards long-term sustainability.

“Thanks to software suppliers such as Nervecentre, the NHS has become the world leader in the adoption of mobile innovation in health centres”

Its use was pioneered from 2010 at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), among the biggest acute trusts. Today more than 6,000 doctors, nurses and health care assistants at NUH use handheld devices in scientific care every day in over 80 wards. These include the majority of the in-patient wards at NUH’s two hospital websites, Queen’s Medical Centre and City Health Centre. The system has actually become without a doubt the most-used clinical system in these hospitals with tens of thousands of interactions with the software by clinicians every day.

If you are a patient in any among those medical facilities, the nurse will enter your essential crucial indications, such as temperature level, blood pressure and breathing rate, into a mobile phone while they are stood beside you. If your condition has deteriorated, the Nervecentre software application will immediately alert the most appropriate medical professional on their mobile phone without the nurse stepping far from the client. Compare this to writing on paper and paging a physician, which still takes place in more than 90 percent of the world’s hospitals.

Nervecentre embodies the innovative spirit that will allow the NHS to continue to enhance patient care. And innovations are emerging that will prevent illness, accelerate medical diagnoses, enhance security and performance, boost client involvement and more effectively manage health equipment rental in regional areas. Business such as Nervecentre will continue to make certain these technologies are put at the disposal of NHS clients as early as possible.


Why You Shouldn’t Automatically Flip out If You Put on Weight

It’s easy to understand that you’d feel a little annoyed if you discover you have actually gained weight– specifically if you’ve been eating well and working out regularly. However one physical fitness Instagram blogger involved in personal training courses argues that it can actually be beneficial to put on weight.

Emily Skye just recently published prior to and after images of herself to show that you can really look remarkable with a little extra meat on your bones. In the “before” image, Emily states she weighed just 103 pounds. “This is before I began strength training,” she wrote. “I was just doing cardio and I was consumed with being as skinny as I could be.” Emily says she was “starving” herself, was “really dissatisfied”, would always wear her oversized basketball hoodies and experienced depression and body image issues.

In the “after” photo, she looks super-fit and mentions that she weighs 29 pounds more thanks to strength and personal weight training and healthy eating routines. “I do not do any long cardio sessions and I consume more than I have actually ever consumed in my life,” she says. “I’m likewise happier, healthier, more powerful, and fitter than I have actually ever been.” Emily states she not obsesses over the way she looks, and consumes and exercises to be healthy, not slim.

Dani Vocalist, the physical fitness director at Fit2Go Personal Training and an advisor of the Personal Trainer Development Center, states this is a common struggle. “Most people, especially women, have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the concept that they can in fact look better in their basketball apparel or uniform of the like at a much heavier weight,” he says.

He confesses that the concept can seem unusual, but discusses it in this manner: Your body weight is made up of two classifications: fat mass (a.k.a. fat) and lean body mass (whatever else). The number on the scale is simply the combined total. “You can be 150 pounds of lean, toned muscle, or 150 pounds with a pot belly– the scale will not understand the difference,” he says.

Jim Pivarnik, Ph.D., a teacher of kinesiology at Michigan State University, agrees. “It is the kind of weight that is necessary,” he says. “Muscle packs in more than fat does.” That describes why you might observe your weight approach on the scale after you increase your exercises, however look remarkable in the mirror.

“I constantly warn customers to not put much faith in the number on the scale– it does not inform you anything significant about your physical fitness,” says Doug Sklar, a certified personal trainer and founder of New York City-based physical fitness training studio PhilanthroFIT.  It’s regular for favorable changes to occur when you alter your exercises, he says, and including lean muscle can make you weigh more, even as your body fat declines. The end result of the body transformation: You look amazing, but weigh more.

Emily discovered success by cutting back on cardio, which isn’t really the worst concept, Singer states. “Cardio has its unique advantages, however it’s not the only exercise you require,” he states. “Strength training is a non-negotiable for anybody aiming to get lean.” When you consume healthier, your body will planning to pull energy from somewhere else, he discusses. “Strength training basically informs your body ‘Hey! Do not touch my lean muscle,’ so your body is encouraged to burn fat rather,” he says.

If you’re not acquainted with weight-training, Sklar says it’s a good idea to talk to an expert, like a fitness instructor or personal trainer at your fitness center, for guidelines. “It is important to discover the fundamentals of appropriate strategy, weight choice, and the types of workouts that will best assist you achieve your goals,” he states. As soon as you have the essentials down, you can take it from there.

Professionals acknowledge that it’s a hard idea to understand, but swear gaining weigh by means of muscle is the method to go. “In a weight-obsessed society, this is a challenging mindset-shift for many people to make, however the few who make it are the ones who win,” Vocalist states.

IMG Signs First Plus-Size Male Model

It appears that the year 2016 is going to be earmarked as the year that plus size male models take over the modelling scene. First, it was Ashley Graham who became world-famous for being the first plus size clothing female model to be featured in the ‘sports illustrated’ magazine. Earlier this year, another plus sized female model Nadia Aboulhosn was also featured in another magazine, ‘Women’s Running’. Now to top it all off, there has been a very different change in the landscape with world renown model management company, IMG Models, has announced that a new division will be launching their new plus sized male division including mens boots.

Buzzfeed has been quoted as saying that IMG models have created a marketable term for the newly introduced plus sized male division: ‘Brawn’. They add that the new division encourages size diversity and positive body image, stressing the need for the conversation to extend to plus size men. Many stocky men find it very hard to find clothing that will fit them properly, so hopefully this new division for plus size men places pressure on other brands to produce more larger sizes for men.

Zach Miko is the very first plus sized male model signed up to the new division. Over the last few years, Zach has attracted a large amount of attention for being the only plus-sized male model for Target. The 26-year-old with a waist measurement of 40 inches and is over six feet tall, was quoted saying: “Being a man of size, I never imagined for a minute that this would be a possible career. Then Ivan told me about his dreams for the fashion industry: diversity, inclusion, evolution … The Brawn division is going to open up the fashion world to the everyman, showing off the new fashion in shoes online stores.”

“Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful and confident and sexy. The conversation has changed from ‘This is what beautiful is’ to ‘What is beautiful?’ I am humbled to be able to raise that question for the men’s industry,” Miko added.

People are already talking about the brand new male plus sized clothes division The conversations online have exploded, with many males encouraging it and saying that it is about time something like this happened, and others saying that it is something that people have been hanging out for.

A Plus Size Woman was Refused to Try on XL Sweater by Walmart Employee

  • It was all caught on Camera

Recently, a Canadian women was in a state of shock when she was told that she was not allowed to try on any clothes or womens shoes at retail giant Walmart because the clothes were at risk of being stretched out of shape by her.

The plus size clothing blogger was Shiann Friesen who has a very successful Youtube channel called ShiCurves. Apparently she was taking part in something called vlogmas’ where vbloggers create a new video for every day in December. According to the Dailymail in the UK, she was carrying a handful of clothes to the change rooms when she was approached by an employee. All the clothing was in her size and not smaller. After being told she could not try on the clothes, as she would ruin them, she started recoding the conversation on her phone.

The conversation in part went:

‘Don’t try to put something on that’s obviously not going to fit, that’s all I’m asking,’ She then grabs the hangers out of Shiann’s hand.

‘Don’t stretch it. I’m not trying to be impertinent or anything,’ The Walmart employee then notices she is being recorded.

The older woman is seen in the resulting video stating: ‘Don’t try to push it.’

Shiann then puts her camera away so as to avoid being asked by the woman to delete the footage.

When she got back to her car under the street lighting, she recorded another clip where she explained how horrified she was at the woman’s behaviour. She said ‘I am honestly so taken aback right now, I am so shocked.’ She also claimed that the Walmart employee had also made some rude comments to her.

‘That was straight up discrimination!’ she went on to add.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.59.20 am

In a follow-up video which she posted last week, she said that she told the woman that she planned on buying the sweater and womens boots anyway. That’s why she wanted to take it into the fitting room with her. Once she tried it on and told the employee that it actually fit, she was told that it was too small for her.

She then asked the employee to repeat her instructions about ‘not stretching’ the clothes with the intent on others hearing it. She told the employee that she was being discriminated against to which the employee replied that she was following company policy. ‘I asked management and it is NOT company policy at all!’ Shiann says in her follow-up video.

When it was all over, Shiann claims she went to customer service to lodge a complaint. Allegedly she was met with little action from the manager on duty.

‘All she said to me was: “Oh, I apologize, I will talk to her,” She later added in the video she later called Walmart customer service because she didn’t want to just ‘let it go’.

The story continues no doubt for this plus sized blogger……….

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